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Shaw Employee Management, Inc.

Shaw Investigation & Research SINCE 1971


Shaw Employee Management, Inc.


Shaw Started as "Shaw Investigation & Research" in 1971,  and as a licensed Private Investigation firm in California. Since that date the company has provided a quality service of claims processing for unemployment, labor, sexual harassment, and discrimination claims to companies like yours throughout the western United States. (References are available). Each claim is handled by long term well-trained personnel. None of our processors work claims unsupervised without a minimum of five years experience on that type of claim. We maintain the highest standards in the field. Therefore, we have superb results where it counts, saving your tax dollars and stopping unjust claims.

As you know, Unemployment Insurance tax is on the rise. Tax rates and taxable payroll vary. However, in states like California, an employer with 100 employees using our service has an annual tax liability as low as $2,100. Many companies not using our service are paying up to the maximum of $37,800, and therefore could waste as much as $35,700 each year. The same employer in Utah has a liability of $7,500 to $125,000 a year, and therefore they are wasting as much as $117,500 each year. In the State of Washington the liability is from $9,200 up to $184,000. Can you afford not to have someone whose sole concern is dealing with Unemployment claims? The answer is NO! S.I.R's and S.E.M. Proper handling of these claims has proven to HOLD DOWN TAX RATES.

Our competitors service provides only unemployment tax control. The services provided by S.I.R's and S.E.M.  include, U.I. tax control and also discrimination, sexual harassment, labor claims, and monitoring of workers comp claims. Best of all we become involved with internal complaints to resolve them before governmental departments become involved.

Since 1971 Shaw has worked State and Federal Equal Employment claims. We handle Sexual Harassment and Discrimination claims due to race, sex, age etc. We know how to handle these claims to get the charging parties stopped. Most of these claims are needless, and could have been avoided.

We train your managers and supervisors as to how to avoid claims. A claim that's never filed, never has to be won. We have found that training of employee's and they're understanding of your companies policies , and the proper forms being signed by your employee's can save HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for your company.

Any Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claim can easily cost you $10,000 to $150,000 as soon as it is filed. Don't get caught in the trap.

Many Workman's Compensation claims filed against employers are questionable, and although employers feel the employee should be cared for regarding justified claims, companies are having fraudulent claims being filed almost monthly and company expenses in this area are going up, without the proper supervision and monitoring of each claim to eliminate fraudulent claims. We work with upper management providing monitoring in an unusually effective program that increases safety awareness, while reducing fraudulent claims, which usually reduces Workman's Compensation rates. Which is very literally the best of both worlds.

For a small membership fee our company provides:

  1. Unemployment claims processing.
  2. Sexual Harassment claims processing.
  3. Labor claims processing.
  4. Verification of Workers Compensation claims.
  5. EEOC Policies and Complaint Procedures.
  6. Applications for employment, Employee Indoctrination Forms.
  7. Discipline, Training, and Separation forms.
  8. Seminar Training.
  9. Manager Certification in State and Federal Labor Laws and Rules.

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